Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dear Nin

i present to you snippets of Istanbul....

Inside Aya Sofea...the church that
turned into a mosque and now its
a Museum.
Aya Sofia...

Apparently this place sells the best baklavas...memang sedap sangat!
Inside Topkapi Palace

Entrance to Topkapi Palace

i think this is Suleyman's the middle of the city

The inside of the famous Blue Mosque!
ENtrance to the Blue Mosque...people are seen leaving after friday prayers

My first impression of the Blue Mosque.

Just to thank you for your support to this blog...its comforting that you are around.

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Nin said...

Hambekk kau! Mintak upload gmbr istanbul, terus dapat dedicated post kah kah kah!! First of all, let me say the pics are beautiful and mak amat envy (bukan jeles taww...) that you were there to take all these nice pictures. Tengok Diari Ankara aritu pun envy jugak huk huk!

Thank you for the post. Keep on taking good pictures. Best kan keje amik2 gambar ni? =)

Thanks also for the tiffinbiru info. Will check it out a.s.a.p. I'm all for simple and quick recipes. My maid selalu komen yg I ni masak cepat, kejap je dah keluar dapur. Tak kuasa lama2!