Monday, May 30, 2011

I Agree with Blogger Usang Lagi Bersawang - NurKasih the Movie tak Best

Mumsie was an ardent (betul ker use of this word kat sini?) follower of Nur Kasih the giler drama tu...I soooo suker tengok Nur and Adam, especially after they fell in love with each other. Banyak syiok!

So, naturally, when the hype about Nur Kasih the Movie started, Mumsie pun ikut hyper...excited. Nak tengok Nur and Adam melayari bahtera kebahagiaan...nak tumpang syiok laa, basically...but boy, was I disappointed! MEGA disappointed.

Nur and Adam tak happy pun...okey laaa...ada laa a 5 minute scene which showed them happy. But like that Dr Hatim said, 99% of the movie was about the musibah the family had to go through...ooohh maannnnn...anything that could go wrong went wrong for them!! Kesian betul!

Khabir Bhatia and his wife pushed their luck, I would say. Half way, the film ceased to be interesting and we (MakSu and I) began making fun of it and started giggling like idiots. tapi in between tu adalah jugak Mumsie menitiskan when the son declared that he misses his mommy (who apparently died in an accident whilst chasing after a, HOW UNLUCKY ARE YOU GUYS, EH??)...

A lot of other things too that contributed to this being a Tak Best movie for me - I didn't get to get all mushy for Nur and Adam. NOT AT ALL! There wasn't any corny lines which I can quote over and over again..NOT AT ALL!

and the ending...OH EM GEEEE...did they have to make Nur Amina to be an old woman with Alzheimer???

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