Saturday, July 23, 2011

Of places and airplanes...

Sejak BossBesau make the ruling that his officers no longer to travel using M$$ but instead fly the cheapest airline on commercial rate, Mumsie finds herself using Qatar Airways quite often...mula-mula dulu macam depress lah jugak sebab no longer travel biz class. But of late Mumsie redha kan point complaining. Kerja tetap kena buat and BossBesau tu tetap kena diikut cakap dia selagi dia belum pencen.

So, today (p.s. am now in Doha Airport, waiting for my flight home after a sojourn to Ankara), I find myself appreciating Qatar Air a bit more. It's quite convenient, really. We are checked in through to final destination, so tak worry about luggage at transit points. Airport dia pon ciput jer so no worries about having to walk miles and miles from one terminal to another. Surau dia selesa and clean. Toilet pun selesa and clean. Ada paip air in every cubicle. Air panas pulak tuh. Hehe.

Only one complaint ~ things here are expensive. Burger meal bodo aje pon can cost about rm50!! On certain trips, the connecting flite is hours away (like today ~ I have 5 hours to kill!), so the ciput airport does not help! kalau besar sikit macam Dubai airport tu seronoklah jugak...can cuci mata kat kedai duty free! Hehehe...

Oklah peeps...will now go back to my people watching activity. Macam-macam jenis orang ada!

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