Tuesday, December 29, 2009


well...well...well! long time no blog, eh. For many reasons. Malas. Malu (malu?? yes, malu bila baca blog orang lain yang sangat articulate and leading interesting life and very tidak takut untuk menyuarakan pendapat dengan menggunakan bahasa bahasa kesat tetapi menghiburkan!). No time. No idea. Too entertained by Facebook.

hari ni terpanggil pulak untuk menulis. About what?

1. anak-anak - my favourite topic. My girls are ok. Excited about school reopening soon. Adik dah nak masuk Darjah 1. Which means all of my children dah sekolah. I feel old. You think I should another one?

2. the new year - what about the new year? will it bring good things? I sure hope so. Seperti tahun-tahun lepas, I'm not bothered about resolutions. Never have and Insya ALLAH never will. Tapi i nak lebihkan usaha to become a good Muslim. Have not been a good one thus far. siggghhhhhh...

3. the year 2009 - for me, it has been an OK year. Picked up a hobby - photography - when I bought a DSLR. KakLong went through her first of many major exam - UPSR. She survived with a 4A and a B for Science. OKlah but i had secretly thought she could score straight As but somehow I redha because i rasa dia tak rajin study. Things at the office is improving. Bosses are still the bosses so there are still shitty days but I'm learning to cope better. Maybe because we have moved into a new building and I now have my own room where I can just not care.

4. cooking and baking - yeap, i've gone into some kind of baking frenzy. Bought me-self a breadmaker. So, have started baking breads as well. Syok coz my children enjoys my cookings and bakings. Then again, they enjoy most food anyway - home cooked or otherwise! :-)

5. health - OK but not perfect. Am seriously getting old!

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HLiza said...

Hi mumsie, thanks for coming by. Welcome to the joy of DSLR! Okay..about the picture mosaic, all you need to do is go to bighugelabs.com and choose 'mosaic maker'. It's so easy to use, just upload your pictures and set what kind of mosaic you intend to do. I normally save my mosaics in Flickr, a picture sharing website. In Flickr I can edit them and add text as I want. Try it..I'm not that talented..just making use of all the available features!