Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cuci The Musical

Again, copied from my FB notes :

After reading my FB status a couple of times, a friend remarked: "everything is the best with you. Betul ker?". well, i suppose it just so happened that i enjoyed most of the movies/shows i've been to. perhaps because my expectations are not all that high...or perhaps because i'm easily amused. hehe. Whatever it is, memang pun i enjoyed most of the movies/shows i went to and its my rating. Everyone is most welcome to judge for themselves. Tapi kalau belum apa apa dah declare "I don't watch malay movies, they are stupid" nothing i can do/help laa, kan?

Anyhoo...this time i want to give my review of CUCI the Musical - which I enjoyed SO Much that i went to see it twice!! In all the musicals i've been to, this tops them all. Tersangat menghiburkan is an understatement!The story is simple enough..adopted from CUCI the movie. ABout 4 brothers (Hans, Awie, Afdhlin and ACMIzal) working as building cleaners, trying to make it big in KL. They took part in a competition - Window Washing Olympics. up against this giant company headed by a mean man. OF course they lost but simply because the mean man paid the eldest brother money to make sure they lose! then its about them breaking and making up and love stories in between.

I first went in the first week of the showing. It was hilarious then. Even the actors were laughing as they go along. Yesterday, i went again - to their very last show - and this time with all my girls and their Abah. Yesterday's show was outrageously funny. the actors were no longer following the script! the impromptu ad-lib was out-of- this- world- funny!! kelakar mau mampus, bak kata orang Sabah! the actors themselves were laughing so much that they keep forgetting their lines and then had to keep on making up their own lines!

AC Mizal was of course the funniest of them all. he was so natural. the kids loved him. Awie was my favourite. Not at all the rocker we know. Sooo the cutest dengan lagak lemah lembut dia! Afdhlin, of course is in a class of his own. His singing...his acting...first class! Hans...siggghhhhh...Hans was sooo handsome!! 4 great actors who got along so well and had that much chemistry between them.

We sat in the very front row during that last show. Our highlight was when Awie sang solo and sat at the edge of the stage right in fornt of our faces!! he even said to KakNgah: "apa gelak2?"

:-). Thennnn...he jumped down and sat in between KLong and KNgah!!! we were screaming!!! excited nyerrrrr....hahaha!

Too bad CUCI has ended its run ... Otherwise, i would go back again...again....and again!!

Mumsie suker gilerrr gambar nih!

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azian said...

Hi Mumsie,
Lama tak bertandang kat sini. semuanya angkara FB.
Dengar banyak cerita best pasal cuci the musical..
Rugi tak dapat pergi kan!