Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Working from Home

I've signed up for this 3 month project whereby i get to work from home. And so far it has been great! 

The way it works, i don't really have to go into office ( well...duhhh! ). All work carried through emails, phone calls, sms, whatsapp, wechat, facetime...whichever works best and most efficiently. And the end of the day, i am to submit a report an 8 hours worth of work. Of course, i will still physically attend meetings wherever and whenever required.

Alhamdulillah, its been a week and it has worked wonderfully for me. Abah and the girls! I think people at the office are secretly happy too coz, lets face it, without the boss physically bossing you around, they basically get some freedom too!! But they've been great and supportive. So work output remains, i promise!!

I find myself practising time management,   I believe that work, life balance is much more achievable this way. I am of course, always reminded that kita mesti usahakan rezeki yang halal so i find myself working harder to ensure that my daily report are done earnestly and honestly. 

I wish i can do this for longer than 3 months...

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