Friday, December 2, 2011


I must declare that it is the best Malay movie I've seen in a lonnnnggg time!! Kudos to the producer, director and of course the actors and actresses! The kind of love story that has been missing for a long time!!

I've been following the making of this movie since the beginning through the gossip forum Mula-mula tu because I've read and enjoyed the book and its 2 sequels. So, i was interested in the casting of the main characters. Dalam forum tu ramai doubted the casting of Maya Karin as Izzah since Izzah ni is supposed to be a really kampung girl. Some also doubted that Aaron Aziz should be the match for Maya. They had wanted the remy-tiz combination or fahrin-fazura. I, of course would vote for remy-tiz for all the chemistry between them..on and off screen!

Anyhoo..Maya, Aaron and even Lisa Surihani proved the critiques wrong! they were superb!! Maya is such an accomplished actress, i tell you. Lakonan dia sangat berkesan! So was Lisa...her screaming scenes made an impact and not easily forgettable. Aaron...too gorgeous for his own good!! Babak-babak dia all jiwang and menangis was like ohhh-emmmm-jeeeee!! And there were chemistry flying alll over the place between alll of them! Ok, i exaggerate but memang matchinglah depa tu...

As for the story line...i know the novelist was a bit upset coz she was not consulted for the adaptation but to be fair i think they tried their best to stick to the book. tak der lah lari jauh sangat...

It was a love story yang i think Malay film producers has forgotten about until now. Ye lah, semua ghairah nak make violent movies based on hantu or mat rempits and gangsters. This was about boy meets girl...they fell in love but family status got in the way...there was tragedy...misundertanding...but the ending was of the fairytale kind...the kind that makes you go, the recipe is complete if you ask me. Tapi i bias laaa buat dek Aaron Aziz tu! hahaha...

The music makes you want to menghayati the movie...makes you cry with the characters...dahla scenery was outstanding... cantik Malaysia ni!

Hmmm...have run out of nice things to say about it...part tak best: too much kissy kissy scenes...tapi bukanlah yang berat-berat so maybe boleh di terima laa...wardrobe is horrid alhtough Maya pulled off looking sexxay in kain batik lepas! Aaron had this horrible looking white shoes which distracted us from his face! and Lisa kept on wearing really wide belts which makes her look out of fashion rather than trendy, actually...and that lady who acted as Aaron's mum - that Azizah Mahzan - her makeup was so horrible that she looked like hantu half the time! hehehe..

Oklah..pegilah tengok and judge sendiri, kawan-kawan. I went with my sister, my dear cousin KakDor (who had doubts but eventually enjoyed herself! hehe) and my two elder daughters who has fallen head over heels for Aaron! they even cried during the touchy-feely scenes!! KakNgah also declared that it was the BEST Malay movie everrrr...until the next one comes along lah!

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