Monday, June 29, 2009

Hobi: Membaca

Am sure for most girls this is what they would write in forms that ask what their hobbies are. Mumsie semestinya. I've been reading for as long as i can remember! And there was a time that i read alllllll the time..tak kira masa and tak kira tempat! Ahhhh..those were the days!!

I read, still although not as much i want to. Al-maklum sibuk sekarang kaannn...hehe. No lah, like blogging, i now read bila ada mood. and i now read what i'm in the mood for. As a result, i have many unfinished books!! Oh, perhaps i should also tell that i also love buying books!! Currently i have a boxful of books, half of which belum baca and the other half is the half reads. This past week i've been in the mood to read romantic malay novels! hehe..some malay authors are quite good. Reading malay novels, i can imagine hero dan heroinnya! hehehe...usually they are the likes of fahrin ahmad....elly mazlein...hehehe!!

Alhamdulillah, anak-anak pun dah mula menunjukkan minat membaca. Especially KLong and KNgah. Sarah, not so. That one prefers the TV anytime. Soraya, currently is obsessed with Facebook, otherwise she would read too. From time to time, Abah would pick up a book but i doubt he ever finishes any!

Having said all that, i somehow feel the need to further explain that the one thing i don't read is those self help books. Never could hold any interest on those - the cynical pessimist that i am. And i read simply, which means i don't read those intellectual books, created by authors using big words. I don't enjoy reading and having to refer to the dictionary at the same time!!!

Anyhoo...nuf said. here's some pixes i took of us shopping for books and reading them!

in the last pix the girls were reading in the flight to Phuket recently. They read throughout the flite, prompting the stewardess to comment: "I'm impressed to see that your girls read so much. Did you read a lot when you were pregnant?"

Can arr like that?


Zulaikha said...

I've also been busy, I'm planning on reading again after PMR. Now I'm just stuck with PMR books. Lalalalala.

Anonymous said...

woooh...very intellectual your girls...


mumsie said...

ja, mana ada intellectualnyer...they read for pleasure...i wish they could read their textbooks with such passion too!!

Jucci Jucci said...

i'd recommend few malay novels yg best n jiwangs. best to the max.

i wish u haven't read any of these :)

1. Cinta Pertama - Nohayati Berahim
2. Gelora Jiwa & Sehangat Asmara - Aisya Sofea

3. Hati Yang Terusik - Nia Azalea.

My top 4 hehe

mumsie said...

Jucci joos!!! you found me! OK, i will go find the books!!!