Sunday, June 28, 2009

Heellllooooooo...anybody there??

Hehe...helloooo...masih ada lagi ker orang nak baca blog Mumsie nih? Dah lama Mumsie tak hapdet..bukan tak der idea tapi tak der mood! Can't really explain it but i didn't feel like writing for the past couple of months...didn't think anyone would miss me and sure enough, no one did, actually. Ohh..except Zetty! Hi Zetty!!!

Anyways, am planning to resume writing in this blog. A lot has been happening tapi i mostly update my going-ons in Facebook. So, friends and family tend to know what i have been up to. Basically, Mumsie has been buzzy, buzzy, work and at home!! Yelah, semua orang pun buzzy jugak ye tak?! I suppose dunia sekarang memang macam tu...its as if, if you're buzzy you're OK. It means you're doing good. Is it really? I wonder sometimes...Mak ayah, tok nenek kita dulu tak derlah buzzy macam ni rasanya. I remember, my mom and dad always..and i mean always come home for lunch on a working day. and we always makan sama-sama. Now ni...we're perpetually pressed for time. So sapa nak, pegi makan dulu...sapa tak nak miss the TV, go makan depan TV (although this is prohibited -although not strictly-now if Mummy and Abah are eating with you!) This is why I don't really mind eating out more often. At least when we are at the restaurant we have no choice but eat together until the end of the meal! Betul tak??

But i digress...i just wanted to say hello again!

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