Friday, July 3, 2009

Mumsie is in Love

With Anuar Zain.

Mumsie + MakSu +MakTam + Shelly + Shafrina had a girls' nite out to watch Anuar perform last nite at Istana Budaya.

Anuar was simply awesome. He sang effortlessly, sounding exactly like he does in the CDs, backed by a 55 piece orchestra. There was even a harp!

And Anuar was simply gorgeous! In well tailored suits, highly suspected to be that of Armani, dengan budak baik's haircut...he was the kind of boy you want to bring home to meet your parents if you are young free and single OR to play with if you are not so young but free and single OR to buat menantu if you're me ! And whats with allll that story about him being gay anyway? He looked perfectly metroseksual to me :-)

Lets not get started on his moves...he didn't have any silly dancers prancing around him. It was just him. He danced just a little but whatever it is, he made it soooooo sexy! siggghhhh...
I just wished he had sang more. He spent quite a bit of time bantering with the audience. The ladies were screaming and throwing marriage proposals at him. Understandable, actually but wished he hadn't reacted to each and every one of them!

Still... thank you, Anuar. For making me feel young again...
I had a really good time last nite...but despite falling in love with Anuar and all, I must say that I actually enjoyed Sheila Majid's performance more!
p.s. Pixes courtesy of MStar.


MrsNordin said...


Sorry I tak terperasan "Mumsie's Travel" is you from my blog becoz you've changed the profile pic. Your daughter's pic dah tukar! Aisey...!

I'm sure Anuar Zain was gorgeous! I've watched him perform once at Singgahsana. My God... the ladies were going crazy over him! Me too! Unfortunately I couldn't get close enough to him.

Actually, a friend of mine who went with me to the concert, knew Anuar during their MAS days. They were colleagues, you see. So masa konsert tu, she waved at him on stage and he acknowledged her. Wow! I was so excited! Then he came off stage and starting walking towards our table. I was like ~ Oh No!!!! He's coming to our table!!

But my dreams were shattered by this group of ladies, who were sitting at the next table, who stormed at him and stopped him from venturing further to our table! Haiya! I was so upset!

But my friend said, "You want his tel number?" Err... do I? Apa I nak cakap kat dia? Hee.. hee... I didn't take his hp number.

mumsie said...


you can have his phone number??? Best tu tapi like you said, apa nak cakap ngan dia ek? haha..i ni macam bebudak plak duk "tergila" kan anuar nih!! tapi i'm not alone. Masa konsert tu i saw a lot of aunties like me who seemed to have forgotten about the husband and children they left at home! hahaha....yang muda muda tu lagilah...duk terjerit jerit "i love you, will you marry me anuar!". If i am 20 years younger i would be screaming the same, i suppose. He was so hot that nite. the best he had ever looked, if you ask me! time you're going to anything featuring anuar zain, bring me tau!

p.s. i tak tukar gambar profile lar..i just use diff picture of the same girl in this blog and FB! :-))