Monday, July 20, 2009

what have we been up to?

Quite a bit, actually.

1) Hi-Tea @ KL Tower

last-laassstt weekend, we went to KL Tower. My cousin - Abang Long Mahmud - celebrated his 60th birthday. So, he belanja seme orang up to 60%. Cool, eh! So, off we went, and for many of us, Mumsie included, it was for the first time! Happening rupanya tempat tu! There's a lot of activities around there. Animal Zone laaa...flying fox and tempat makan, of course. Itu baru on ground floor. You can go alllll the way up to the observation deck (but only after paying mega bucks laaa) OR you can go up, like we did, to the Seri Angkasa Restaurant. Its a revolving one. Truth be told, for Mumsie yang not all that fond of heights, it was not all that exciting. Its hard to enjoy food when you keep thinking that you're at the brink of death!! Me exaggerating?? Yes, of course! :-)

The view from up there of course la cantik. We can see all of KL, jerebu or not. Food was so-so. MakSu reminded me that Puteri Kama the blogger had once wrote that the best bread and butter pudding is found up there. Can't say i agree with her but of course, to each their own, eh!

It was good fun, as always, to makan-makan with my cousins and anak-anak buah.

2) Movies

We've been going to the movies quite a bit as well. We've seen:

  • Transformers (good fun although jalan cerita ntah apa-apa),
  • 17 Again (Zac Ephron was simmply yuummy..who cares about the jalan cerita!),
  • Jangan Pandang Belakang COngkak (a natural choice since we are hard core supporters of industry filem melayu...this one was hilariously funny, almost from beginning to end...jalan cerita? what jalan cerita? Filem Melayu mana ada jalan cerita! But it was good fun. The girls and I are still laughing over it. We can't wait for the DVD to come out!)

  • On Sunday, like millions of others, we went to see Harry Porter, and the Half Blood Prince. Mula-mula tu bimbang jugak coz Shafrina said it was boring. I am not a hard core Potter fan so kalau tak best i would not want to watch it. Tapi tiket dah beli wayyyy before reading Shafrina's review so kena laa pergi jugak. Turned out, we liked it. It was...cute! Because half the story was about the kids mengorat each other!! hehe...Wished Potter did not look so nerdy, though!

3) Cats

yes, the house is once again graced with the presence of cats. 2 to be exact. Caramella a.k.a Caramel and Mansor a.k.a Monty. siggghhhh...i'm resigned to the fact that they are here to stay and that they are not the last of them!

Caramel was picked up from the place where we ate Ikan Bakar alllll the way in Melaka. KakNgah convinced Abah that the cat was male. I don't know why Abah believed her. He should have known better to check for himself!!

Mansor (the name i insisted on giving him - simply - just to irritate the girls) was picked up by Abah at the Pasar Borong Serdang. Abah and I was eating breakfast and he came by and buat manja-manja kat Abah. It worked.

So, there you go. The children's lives are complete, as far as they are concerned. Although, of course a rabbit or 2 or a hamster would make them muuuccchhhhh happier and would probably make them pledge their lives to me for eternity!!

Oklah...ada lagi nak cerita..tapi i dah ngantuk arrrrr.....nite-nite, y'all...zzzzzzz


zue said... daughters have grown!!! I can't believe it - I still remember them like when I saw them in Geneva...kecik je..I guess time flies especially when I'm away from office...and about the cats...we have five okay...all adopted entah dari kids lurveee them...but of course mummy la yang kena beli makanan, bawa pegi vet etc...etc..

Madam Markonah said...

I wish I can fulfill my daughter's request for a pet cat but arrgghhh!! i'm not a pet person, though i tried. I can feed and raise healthy pets but I can't give them TLCs like most pet owners do... how?

mumsie said...

zue...i bet your kids are all grown up too!!

Madam M...actually, i do not care for the cats...i refused to even pay for their food! i put the syarat early-early that I am to have nothing to do with the cats..its either the girls..the father or the maid! hehe

mumsie said...
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Ina Noor said...

HELLLOOOOO i thot u were back to blogging!

Zetty said...

have a blessed ramadhan, mumsie!