Wednesday, July 8, 2009


when i first heard of Putrajaya, it was being built...and there were only criticisms. Biasalah, when something is made political. Tun Mahathir had then stuck to his gun and went on building. I never saw Putrajaya until we had to move here in 2003. Masa tu only a few Precints (i love that the areas are divided into "precints") existed. There were hardly any shops or restaurants. Quite dead, really.

But i loved living in Putrajaya even then. It is beautiful and more importantly, convenient. Everything is 5, 10 minutes from each other. So what there was hardly any entertainment then. KL is not all that far away. Traffic jams are almost unheard of for there are big roads leading to just about everywhere. I particularly love the fact that it takes me not more than 20 minutes to get to work each day! Malam-malam the city dimandikan cahaya. My mom kata it reminds her of Mekah!

We lived in government quarters. The grade I'm in allows us to stay in a semi-D. I love the fact it is gateless. It gives out a sense of space and freedom. In the beginning it was even grill-less but with development came crime - house breakings started and eventually Government puts up the grills. Although i must say that didn't deter the criminals. We still hear horror stories of break-ins.

When we came back from Geneva, we managed to secure another government quarters. This time in a newly developed precint. This time Putrajaya has changed much. There is now a shopping complex - Alamanda - complete with GSC movie theater, bowling alleys and karaoke rooms! And our house is a mere 10 minutes away (i don't how far in km). Kedai mamak tak payah cerita laaa....its everywhere!!

A couple of weeks ago my office shifted to our own building in Precint 4. I was worried that it would take a long time to get to work since i have to pass some 13 sets of traffic lights to get there! But being in Putrajaya, it means that there 3-4 alternative roads and I chose the the 3-lane hi-way that leads me direct to the office within 20 minutes tops without passing any traffic lights!!!

I love i only need to find RM .5 million to enable me to buy a house around here!!!

Ina pun suka Putrajaya, kan?!


Ina Noor said...

suka! :D

lawa siottt langit semua. subhanallah

MrsNordin said...

I like Putrajaya too. Don't mind living there but I'm not a govt. employee. Mahal ke, the houses?

mumsie said...


those not in govt service pun can stay each housing precints usually only half are govt quarters, the other half is open for private ownership. seme orang boleh beli. Price..memang a bit steep ...a semi-D can fetch up to RM600,000-800,000. terrace about RM300K-400K. but govt employees can apply to get 25% discount laaa but i still cannot afford!

Anonymous said...

Yeah..I love Putrajaya too. Rasa mcm kat obersea bila pergi situ.


mumsie said...

Betul tu Ja. Thats what i feel from time to time!!

Zulaikha said...

Putrajaya is certainly a nice place

to skate at.

Anonymous said...

wanna buy our plot of land overlooking putrajaya? ... k.tam