Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hobi: Tangkap Gambar

Just want to share with you, since I'm in the mood, the products of my latest no particular order...

like bapak...i love taking pictures for as long as i can remember...bapak bought me my first camera - a Yashica - when i went to UK for my studies and i've not looked back. Late last year, i bought a DSLR - and i enjoy taking pictures even more!

Unfortunately, unlike bapak..i don't have the patience of sending the pictures for printing so all of the pictures i've taken are kept in various files in all of my laptops and computers!! (chewah...macam lah i ada banyak computer!).

Of course, zaman bapak dulu, we were still using kenalah print kalau nak tengok gambar-gambar tu...but the thing about bapak was that he will take time to susun alll the photos in nice albums...he'll date the albums and categorize them...

Zaman sekarang kan kita dah pakai memory card....and anak bapak sorang ni tak de kosa nak print gambar and susun susun...i just love to take pictures and then syok sendiri depan computer!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful..another hidden talent!