Thursday, August 27, 2009

Semangat Kejiranan (or not!)

Mumsie baru balik from our neighbours' house for iftar. The family who lives directly behind our house memang friendly giler. The husband is a Chinese convert. A doctor. The wife was also some kind of doctor but is no longer working full time, i think. I memang respect kat this couple. I believe that they live a wholesome life.

When the invitation came yesterday i thought they've invited a whole house of anak2 yatim for buka puasa. Rupanya, they and a bunch of their friends (consisting of their current and old neighbours) has adopted, or rather sponsored, a few boys from a rumah anak yatim in Perak. The boys has been spending the school holidays with their respective foster families and due to go back to Perak tomorrow.

I ni sebenarnya nak cerita that I am not and has never been a good neighbour. Another trait I got from Bapak, i think. I'm the kind of person yang balik rumah terus masuk and never come out to lepak2 outside. I don't do any gardening, to begin with and I'm not interested in the so-called fresh air...So...i hardly know my neighbours...Actually many of them pun macam i jugak. Hardly can be seen outside their houses except when they were getting groceries out of the car! But I'm lucky, I suppose. I have very good and friendly immediate neighbours. Sesekali they come over simply to say hello...I ni, tunggu depa jemput for khenduri barulah i pegi rumah diorang! hehe..tak perlah, i think. As long as hubungan silaturrahim tu dah wujud..betul tak?

Abah, on the other a very good neighbour! Tu lah...Tuhan tu Maha Kaya..pasang-pasang kan kita dengan orang yang boleh balancekan our lives....Alhamdulillaaaaahhhhh....

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