Sunday, February 22, 2009

Puteri Gunung Ledang

ni review yang dah lambat...mumsie + Abah + MakSu + kawan-kawan zaman sekolah dulu went to see PGL Season III last Friday 13th Feb hari tu. Donno about the others but Mumsie pergi dalam keadaan berkobar-kobar coz one: i heard and read all the raving reviews and two: i trusted the reviews coz its the work of enfiniti production and three: i really enjoyed P.Ramlee The Musical and I thought PGL would be as good, if not better.

here's what i think of PGL Season III - without having the benefit of comparing it with PGL Season I and II:

Overall impressive laaa...the stage..the costumes...the dance routines...Mootz bought the tickets way back in December last year so we got great seats...thanks mootz!

tapi....Mumsie is thinking:

Hang Tuah should be M.Nasir. Stephen Rahman tu harap hensem jer tapi tak macho in the Melaka man kinda way, if you can catch my drift. cakap melayu ada pelat sikit and the pelat is detectable. and Boroi lah dia....nampak baju dia ngam-ngam jer boleh button!

Datin Seri good, of course but she looks her a good kinda way...cuma i rasa dah tak sesuwei lah dah nak jadi PGL yang sepatutnya be a sweet young thing...

language dia all funny (I knowlah they want to speak in that malay-javanese dialect coz they are supposedly in majapahit and stuff) and not helped by the not all that perfect sound system. so i find myself wasting time looking at the translation board at the side.

lagu-lagu banyak sangat yang jiwang...again, yes i know this is the love story yang jenis cinta tak kesampaian...tapi takkanlah masa Sultan Melaka and Adipati nyanyi duet pun dalam keadaan tak matching dengan lagak macho diorang and at some point, they look like a gay couple memadu kasih lah pulak!!

having said allll of the above, i must say i loved sultan melaka and adipati!! AC Mizal was scary enough although i truly believed he would be scarier if he had not sung the slow-with-a-touch-of-jiwangness kind of songs! Adlin Ramli was simply adorable! To Mumsie, the highlight of the entire play was when he did his little jingle of happiness when sultan melaka decided to send men to pinang PGL!!!

Malangnya, at the end, the meet-the-fans session, these two did not make an appearance. Apparently they have a family emergency. Adlin's girlfriend and AC's wife kan sisters....

oh ye...that nite, Mumsie also met up with kawan kawan sekolah masa kat JB dulu. Jumpa balik after more than 20 years! but lets leave that story for another day...

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