Monday, November 12, 2007

The Weekend That Was

We had a gooooddd weekend! Filled with food, songs and laughter, I may say! hehe..let me start from the beginning....

Friday night -

The weekend started with farewell no.2 - bowling beramai-ramai - almost everybody turned up!! Even the kids were given a lane to toss (literally) the bowling balls around!

For the ladies, there were presents at the end..for winners and losers! I got my share...but don't be fooled... i wasn't the winner...:-)

It was this -

saturday -

We set off for a weekend at the mountains! We started by heading towards Luzern - a beautiful town about 2 and a half hours from Geneva. Sempat singgah kedai jam, bought me the most beautiful (you guys see a pattern here??) Longines and a whole bunch of Swiss Army knives for the men in Abah's family. Then jalan2 a bit - for about half an hour jer coz the girls were screaming to have some time in the snowy mountains!

The route to Interlaken was beautiful (key word of this posting, obviously!!) snowed which also meant that it was foggy so cannot see all that far ahead..which means the scenic backdrop of the mountain and lake was lost! But i tried anyway ... and Abah was sporting enough to get out of the car and pose in the snow!

So, much to the girls' disappointment, we headed straight to the hotel in Interlaken - Sonnenhof Backpackers Villa - a clean (very, very! like all things Swiss!!) hostel. It was early still but it rained in Interlaken then so we only stayed indoor - cooked dinner (yes, they have a kitchen we can use..a clean one, needless to say!) and girls spent rest of the time watching Corbin Bleu (star of High School Musical) in his new movie Jump In on the portable DVD. Mummy, as usual, went straight to bed. Abah, as usual, frowned at Mummy then got very upset he got stuck babysitting the girls!!! Sorry la Baaahhhhhhh....

Early that morning we had breakfast - cereal and bread, courtesy of the hotel then checked out before heading to a nearby town called Grindelwald. It was soooo beautiful!! I wanted to kick myself for not coming here previous winters!!

Anyways, the girls found a spot to sledge - a pathetic little spot, really but it served their purpose...Sarah giler punya happy dapat golek golek dalam snow (as usual)!! Soraya wasn't as excited..kept complaining that its too cold and her toes hurt so after about 10 minutes I gave up and took her back to the car, whereby she cheered up almost immediately!! But..look here..she looks damn cute in those wintery garbs kan...

After the kakak-kakak and Abah had enough, everybody bundled back into the car, complaining of cold and hunger! GOD bless those who created soup-in-a-mug!! So, mummy was quite the saviour!

We drove around after that, simply enjoying the view (that is..Abah and Mummy enjoyed the view whilst the girls whined of boredom and asked to go back home since the DVD player did not work so well in the car!!). We decided against taking any trains or cable cars to higher level of the mountains coz it looks foggy up there, so no point to spend money to see fog, really.

So, about 2 pm we decided to come down to earth and came back to geneva..but we did not go straight home! We went to Encik Amran's open house (is it still Syawal??) then to Dato' Muhd Noor's (a.ka. the boss) residence for another farewell!!

Its farewell no.3 and t'was organized by people from the office! Ahhhhh...such good food...such good company! As the so-called orang yang di raikan, I didn't have to bring anything! yay! but there was nasi kerabu...sambal udang...sup daging...gulai lemak labu...masak assam ikan...sambal sotong...kerabu apple...sayur campur...and KARI KEPALA IKAN!!! Those who read this blog claimed that the food mengalahkan Rebung's menu!! Maybe they are right...maybe because last night's food was cooked with

Sorrylah Yati...tak sempat nak ambik gambar your tiramisu.....

Am definitely going to miss everybody (and this time I mean everybody!) at the office as well as their families...The evening lasted longer than expected coz tuanrumah also organized a karaoke session and Abah lepas geram and would not let go of the mike!!! He sang and danced and everybody cheered and clapped (to be polite?? he is, after all, the guest of honour!!). be fair..he was't the only one...everybody had a turn...I can't say everybody can sing (least of all me!) but hey..who's complaining!!?? I believe everybody had a jolly good time!! I took pictures of everyone singing but for the purpose of this entry i thought i'd just post these pictures of my 2 bosses -

Finally...majlis bersurai at about 11 pm...after everyone tapau their share of left over food...I leave this posting now with this not-so-complete-and-not-so-clear picture of our WTO family...

So..that was the weekend that was yours??

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