Tuesday, November 6, 2007

1st day @ work

after 2 weeks...and i can't seem to get started!! Pagi tadi gi WTO...tapi tension tak leh get renverse (cafe latte, basically...saje nak eksyen..show off the only french word that i know!) coz i had to fast for the blood test at 2 pm. Just my routine blood test..nothing nobody need to worry about..(ada orang worry ker??)

Nways..am back in office..trying to clear my inboxes and got bored so, masuk sini jap (excuse jer laaa...just in case the boss is reading! :-))

You guys read about Sheikh Muszaphar's announcement of his impending marriage? Waaa..that also can make headlines, huh!? Almaklum..angkasawan negara lah kata kaaaannnnn...am thinking...he's gonna marry his late brother's widow and help raise his nephew and niece...you think?

Jalan-jalan cari makan part 2 - on request by Teeny and Ika, been asked to tell about the time I ate with them whilst in KL. (Before that...hey guys..you all kan ada blog sendiri...next time ceritalah sendiri tau!!).

1. Chillie's @ KLCC. Went to meet with Teeny and Kak Dor on the first night I arrived. It was good...good food..good company (had to say this coz they are reading!). Had lamb with mashed potatoes..hmmmmm..and desserts was da bomb - some chocolotey thingymagic shared between the 4 of us! Needn't have shared, actually! It would be good to each have their own! Next time, k Teeny!?

2. Italianies @ One Utama. Joined Ika and her family and later joined by Kak Dor and Hanafiah...Good italian food...although I did not order anything sebab still kenyang after visit to Rebung earlier that day! Ordered cappucino, which, like Ika said, came in this humungus cup!! but can only cerita coz didn't think of taking pictures then! Company was good too, of course (again..those people are reading this!!). Desserts was the best! Nicked off Kak Tam's strawberry (or was it rasberry?) cheese cake. Masya ALLAH sedapnya!!!! Am definitely planning a return visit with the gang nanti! In the mean time, here's us in Italianies..

I have handsome nephews..no? And of course, a very pretty niece (just in case ika gets upset!)..:-)


ina said...

mumsieeeee. aaah besnye makan kat malaysia. urm italiannies mmg besa gila portion dia. kita order satu spaghetti boleh share 13 orang! huahahahhahaaa

Zulaikha said...

hahahaha..i like the part when u wrote 'just in case ika gets upset'..sian, sorang jer niece hadir eh.

Harteeny said...

Ada jugak nama akak akhirnya. the get-together was great. sampai dah tutup, kita blum balik2. hehe.

i do wish u can go straight to my house afterwards, tapi u pun baru je sampai - cam tak sesuailah gitu. nway, later when we get back, we lepak2 again k.