Thursday, November 15, 2007

No Paris!

Abah don't want to go coz there is a strike going on in Paris right now!!! Of course, its probably a good decision but i've soooo set my mind on Paris! Tu lah! manusia hanya merancang, kan??

But no angkasawan either!!

We're off to Monaco/Cannes/Nice instead! For a quick drive (if that is possible lar) and take pictures'll be a janji-da-pegi-situ kind of trip! hehe...okey la gak coz we've never been there.

Now the question - shall we leave the girls behind??

p.s. thanks to those who voted for Paris (sorryla iks..) in absolute agreement with y'all!!

1 comment:

Zulaikha said...

tak pe. asalkan you get neither Paris nor angkasawan!