Wednesday, November 7, 2007


today is (hopefully) the beginning of farewells for me...sedih but quite nice to makan-makan whilst saying goodbyes to the friends i've made here...

Today, Jorge from the Mexican Mission belanja. It was a farewell to another colleague too - Gabriela from the Israeli Mission. Now, now - before you guys gasp in disgust for my lack of protocol in international relations - Gaby - Shidi and Wadrina now refers to her as my Yahudi friend! - is a very nice Argentinian lady who happens to work for the Israeli...we became quite close after she conceived her baby (Gaelle is almost 1 now - easily one of the most beautiful baby I've ever met - considering her mom is Argetinian and her dad a Spaniard!). So you knowlah...our conversation will not be anything about counry policies or national security and half the time its not even about what we're doing in the WTO! It'll be about babies and about coping as working mothers! Anyway..Gaby is leaving the Israeli Mission..she's joining the private sector, hence this farewell for her too.

Jorge (pronounced Hor - hey) is simply this young diplomat in the Mexican Mission. He used to cover the dispute settlement issues so we used to attend meetings together. Now he's onto something else which i shall not bother to elaborate coz very insignificant to my blog! ;-) Very smart man - currently writing his thesis for a doctorate on WTO dispute settlement from Mexico's perspective (or something like that lah!) so, all together

Was hungry so lupa nak ambik gambar food!

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