Saturday, November 10, 2007

Autumn in Geneva

Last autumn for us ... and somehow its even more colourful than I ever remember it! Every tree seems to be on fire..they are so orange!! Not been able to get really good pictures as mostly we were on highways that we would notice the beautiful views...but will try this weekend and post them next week, OK!

Sekarang ni 5pm da! And its getting to be oh-so-cold! Just the way i like it! (Kesian nya melayu tak sedar diri ni..tak lama lagi daaaah kena balik mesia yang panas and banyak nyamuk tu...sob..sob!)

Oklah..Bon weekend, folks! We're off to Interlaken tomorrow so pray for good weather! Forecast looks grim though! The good news...we will most definitely get to see snow before we least at the nearest mountains! The range seen near our apartment and office are white on top already today! Yay...ALLAH swt is indeed GREAT!


MyPeriukBelanga said...

hey there mummy, you've got 4 pretty looking princesses.

stay young olways ya!

salam kenal,

ina said...

mumsieeee. urm urm chanel ade boutique kat tepi lake. at my hse's side of the lake. tapi die tappenah sale. nyampah aku. but one of the frens i made thru blogging, she went to italy in august kot pastu kat florence dia jumpa designer outlet. dia kata die beli gucci satu, fendi satu, tod's satu, in total tak sampai RM1k pon :D

Anonymous said...

Hei Muzal! If I were staying in such a beautiful place I pun tak nak balik M'sia!! He..He..You have been lucky dapat gi sana ..Sofian looks so ceria je dalam gambar. Your daughters are so pretty..manalah tau kot2 kita boleh berbesan nanti! See you back in KL.


mumsie said...

mpb..thanks for laso loving your recipes!!

mumsie said...

ja...thanks for dropping by!