Thursday, November 15, 2007


we've been invited to meet with our 2 angkasawan in Berne this weekend!!!!
Am thinking...bila lagi nak face to face ngan Sheikh Muszaphar and Dr faiz kan??

But..we've already decided to go to Paris for the weekend...last outing before balik Malaysia...

So, how? Paris? Angkasawan? Angkasawan...Paris??

You tell me!


Zulaikha said...

Paris or Angkasawan??
You've seen Paris tapi angkasawan belum kan? Though Paris is nice..I'll go with angkasawan sebab nanti bukannya boleh jumpa dia lagi!

ina bes said...

mumsieeee. sorry but i'll say paris. u said urself LAST outing before balik msia. plus, sms is jst another human being. paris is the city of luurveeeee~

Anonymous said...

Parislah may bump into him at Rebung later on..