Tuesday, November 6, 2007


My baby turned 10 on 28th October hari tu and I wasn't here to celebrate it with her!! sob..sob...huwwwaaaaaaaaa........

My eldest reached a milestone in her life that October 28th...she's almost a teenager now...she's getting prettier by the day...now that her hair is longer, its sooo nice...not like lion anymore! Those who know her must surely agree with me that she is one warm and caring girl...a real Kak Long to her sisters and to many babies kat Geneva ni!!

So my sweetheart...ingat selalu that Mummy loves you very much and Mummy doakan Kak long cepat-cepatlaa kahwin (preferably with our angkasawan tu!!) and have loads of your own babies!!

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Harteeny said...

Happy Birthday, Dear KakLong. i hope the duit raya from me is safely in your hand now? :)