Monday, October 1, 2007

The Weekend That Was

We had a relatively good weekend, setting aside the fact that it was cold, still.

For me, it started on Friday evening. I attended the farewell reception for my US colleague - George. It was held well before buka time at the US Mission but I like George, so I went anyway to bid him and his wife, Julia, goodbye. The food looked good, dammit! Hinted for a doggy bag but they only laughed, thinking I was making a joke! As if!

Then the gang picked me up at 6.30 and off we went looking for the nearest McDonalds! Aishah's family joined us, making the girls even happier! Dahlah dapat buka puasa kat McD, dapat buka dengan best friends pulak. Bonus, as far as they are concerned. As for me, highlight of the meal was the caramel macchiato...Out of this world!! Almaklum..its been a while since we've had any good (relative!) coffee...With all the excitement I forgot to take any pictures to post them here. Oh well!

Saturday started really quiet. Abah went marketing with Abang Yunos and came back with enough food to feed a small nation! (Come to think of it..we might just as well qualify as a small nation, actually!) I stayed home and kemas, mumsie's style - done every couple of months! hehe ...

Buka was at Aishah's place...and OMG, there was a lot of food!! Macam-macam adaaa...mee kari, nasi with all the lauk you can think of (well, am exaggerating but there was masak assam ikan, daging goreng, hati goreng kicap, ikan masin, sambal sotong, ayam masak lemak, kerabu mangga - last 2 was courtesy of Ita, by the way - and maybe a few more yang i dah tak ingat). Kueh..where do I start? There was karipap sardin (Ita's), kueh koci (beautifully prepared by tuan rumah!), seri muka, apple pie. I brought popiah and my not very exciting pudding. So shy one..I had to bring back the pudding coz no one wanted to eat it, except Nana, God bless her soul! I always knew she is one sweet child!!

Sunday's buka puasa was at Puan Hiswani's place with people from the office. Again, there was a lot of food! Lontong (courtesy of yours truly!), nasi with kari ayam, ayam goreng, loads of sayur campur, kerabu mangga, sayur lemak labu...Aishah brought bubur lambuk, which disappeared within minutes! Kueh...there was yummy lengat pisang (cousins of lepat pisang), ondeh-ondeh, tepung pelita (God Bless Normah!!), bread and butter pudding, currypuffs, cekodok jagung, cucur udang and big yummy, juicy, expensive kurma courtesy of tuan rumah. Me..i modified my left over pudding and still...only Nana appreciates it! siggghhh....Of course, the modification managed to fool Abang Yunos into thinking its part of the lauk so he had some with his nasi!! Silly, isn't it?

So, that was my weekend that was....and it was alllll about food!

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