Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Its Almost Raya!!

3 days to go! Pheww!! Terrible, i know...a good muslim should mourn the end of Ramadhan...but this year has been trying for me, for some reason...i think its mainly because I was solely responsible in the kitchen so I had spent most of the time in it this month!! hehe...

Well...its almost Raya but I still haven't figured out what to cook for that special day! The procastinator that I am, I'd probably decide the night before!

last Saturday was spent at my boss' place...buat kueh raya with his daughters. We managed 2 jenis - biskut nestum and choc chip. Brought some home but its almost finished now! So...i'd have to bake some more!! aaarrrggghhhh....can we not have raya cookies for raya?? can't i bake cakes instead??

As for baju raya...the girls would have to do with last year's dresses coz mummy knew this would be our last raya here and somehow thought there was no point to get them new ones. Tak per...mummy year we'll do the works! Everybody will have new dresses to wear for the whole first 7 days of raya!!! haha...kalau Pak Lah give bonus laaaa....

OK folks...gotta go bake some cookies...or NOT!

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