Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Transfer Order

To answer the question from Superwomanwannabe...we're heading home by end of November! Yeap! Its THAT soon!

Actually, I just got the transfer order yesterday - to report duty in KL on 1 December 2007. Later in the day, I emailed my boss in KL, asking whether its possible to ask for a short term extension (I really don't want to go just yet!) and was told in not so many words..."just follow the order and don't do anything foolish!". There you go...thats the end of the matter!

So, Abah is MEGA happy..he's starting to pack already!! And has been talking non-stop to the children (mummy wasn't interested to listen coz still upset about the timing!) about Malaysia...his family...what we can do back home...what we can afford back home...The girls are happy too, although Sarah is a bit uncertain. Soraya is just happy that she will get to see Wan again (and get to sleep with Wan again!).

But I don't think the girls realize how difficult its going to be for them...especially where school is concerned. Here, they have it reaaallll easy...Sarah, who is in Year 2, never had any homework except a book to read to mummy and Abah every night. We in turn has to sign a booklet proving that she has indeed read the book for us (and by the way, she reads beautifully, says the proud Mummy!).

Kak Ngah, who is in Year 4, has homework given out on Mondays to be passed up on Fridays. And we were specifically told that she should not spend more than half an hour each evening on them! Kak Ngah being Kak Ngah usually spends the whole of Monday night to finish alllll the work so she'll be free the rest of the week!

Kak Long, now in Year 5, has homework everyday, which she manages quite efficiently ( i.e. done before Mummy gets home from work, otherwise Mummy will just start barking!).

None of them have exams!! not in the middle of school year..not even at the end of the school year. Here, their school days are all about play, play, play and fun, fun, FUN!
Well...all that is about to change, ain't it? ALLAH swt have mercy on my babies!

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Dad of Four said...

Welcome back in advance!
Oh ya.. the amoount of homework and frequent tests & exams here...urgh...(mak bapak yg tension!)