Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Many thoughts of Today

Actually, before finding out about Raya, I had this posting in mind...ramblings of the many thoughts thats going through my mind...

1. On Nurin's autopsy pictures -

Malaysians are getting to be very insensitive...i did receive to emails containing those pictures but i deleted them without even looking. I shouldn' one should!! Have some respect, folks...for arwah and for her family...this is not the story to be sensationalised! for heaven's sake!!

The question thats brewing in my mind though...where did the pictures come from? How irresponsible could the original "distributor" be? His (or her) acts should be condemned as unethical, immoral and deemed illegal, thus he (or she) should be identified, caught and punished..severely!!

2. Whilst Jazimin and his family try to make sense of the tragedy of it all, the rest of us are continuing life as we know it...plans for Raya are being made...plans for the big move...For me the procastinator ..I am merely thinking about all action yet!

3. What I have been doing is I've been taking pictures...of Geneva in its autumn glory..and of the girls...wanna see? First, here's a pix of Geneva's famous Jet d'eau. Wikipedia describes Jet d'eau as - "The 'Jet d'Eau, or water-jet, is a large fountain in Geneva, and is one of the city's most famous landmarks, being featured on the city's official tourism web site and on the official logo for Geneva's hosting of the 2008 UEFA".

Then, here's some autumn pictures around our apartment -

4. Finally, got the rajin-ness to try and make some pineapple tarts. My first try, ever! Got some ready made pineapple jam sent by Kak Yati all the way from Melaka, crust recipe courtesy of mamafami and we were all set. It didn't start so good. I had my doubts coz the dough was a bit too gooey but things got better as we (Abah and I) progress, or so I thought. The tarts look good enough...but the taste..definitely need improvement! hehe...takper..first time, kannn...i actually remembered to take some pixes!

OK..i end this posting with some pictures of the girls with their favourite kakaks in Geneva ...

and their buddies in crime...


Anonymous said...

hi. thought i'd write something down in response to your latest input. yes, i agree about nurin. i, too, got the pix & immediately deleted them. sudah-sudahlah tu. masa baby i,zur'aina putus nafas dulu pun i tak sanggup nak tengok.

anyway, we're going back to lipis this friday after ziarah kubur zur'aina lah and after friday prayers. duduk situ 2 mlm then off to muar. they're having tahlil then bbq sponsored by all the grandkids of haji derwish. 3rd & 4th raya pergi JB, saja cuti2 malaysia since all my kids are around.

brought your mom shopping to sogo and jusco kepong masa dia duduk kat my house. dia shopping sakan. tengok my new cookie jar, dia berkenan, terus beli kat sogo and bought lots of other things too. anyway, dia puji sangat chicken rice kak yam and i pun gave the idea of getting kak yam nya to cook for me and kak dor last weekend.

baju raya semua dah all set, the guys got new baju melayu tempah while me and ika beli aje baju kurung ala-ala songket gitu.

hope you received my kad raya. for some reason, i never get any confirmation from you as to whether you have received any mails or cards that i've sent to you. procrastination or simply overlooked?

salam to all and selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin.

kak tam.

mumsie said...

Thanks for dropping by, Kak Tam..

1. yes, your cards and letters safely arrived. The procastinator me that has failed to acknowledge them!

2. thanks for helping taking care of my mom.

3. selamat hari raya to you and family...salams to everyone! tahun depan kita raya sama2 K!