Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mumsie, Malaysia and the Thomas Cup

Those who know me would know that I'm no sportswoman...i'm a couch potato kinda woman! hehe...

But i do enjoy watching live sportsgame...i discovered this many moons ago when I used to watch Wimbledon live in..errr...Wimbledon!! Those days when Martina Navratilova and Stefan Edberg...and Michael Chang was at the height of their careers! AAhhh...nothing beats the suspense and adrenaline rush of seeing points scored after a long rally or after a fast, aggressive serve and volley. Yeap...i knew of those cool terms as well!

When I came back to Malaysia, soon after it was the 1992 Thomas Cup. Ahh...I was there for the Semi and I was there for the Finals. And I remember till now the excitement of that day!! Seronok hingga tak terkata, bak kata orang.

Thats why, when Thomas Cup is back here I made sure we get the tickets! And brought back the reality of the memories! Let me try and tell you what i think of this year's Thomas Cup, and in particular what i think about the Malaysian team...hehe, now you can imagine where this is going kan....Mind you, these are mere thoughts of mine...not meant to mempengaruhi sesiapa, OK.

The quarter finals was DA BOMB! we were on a roll! there was enough suspense to hold us to the end of our seats...i screamed till i had no voice. And the minute Hafiz Hashim buried that Dane, it was like we had won the tournament!! Hafiz, who played like an ass during the group fight with japan was instantly dubbed Zero to Hero...macam lah dia sorang jer yang main that nite! truth was, the Dane lost it. Lucky for Hafiz, he played the crappier game. Kesian dia, whilst everyone was celebrating, I saw his coach scolding him! Looked like he really got an earful then!

The semi finals...ooohhh I was soooo excited! I was at the Stadium early and joined in the songs and chants with thousands other Malaysians!! Spirits were high that it scared the players!! Oh My! they were a miserable lot that nite. All games were lost in straight sets to the Chinese. Paling kesian kat Lee Choong Wei. He could do no right! Apparently, he was thinking too hard that he couldn't be himself! Can arr like that?

I think the supporters worked the hardest that nite. We cheered and cheered but we couldn't get the players to rise to the occassion! Sigghhh...we kalah teruk that nite.

Hafiz didn't even need to play so I suppose he remains a hero...hehehe.

We bought tickets all the way to the Finals so we went to the Stadium today. To see China wins against Indonesia. least the Indons went down fighting, unlike the Malaysians! One thing about China doubt they are good...they are VERY strong as well...physically and mentally! Imagine the entire Stadium was cheering for the other side...but they seemed to block all those noise and just went on their game like nothing bothers them at all!! Sheer mental health, i tell you!

i stayed on till the prize giving ceremony. It was nice to see that the Malaysians still appreciate our players. We still scream for their names and cheer for them when they went up to get the consolation prizes.

But i wished it was reciprocrated. The players merely gave us half waves and half smiles! Macam terpaksa jer...well, i hope its because diorang rasa segan. Although they kalah, but we still give them face? ya think? Oklah...marilah kita bersangka baik....

tak perlah time we try harder. But apparently we don't have apprentices. so how?

Anyway, bagus jugaklah kita tak menang...kalau tak berabis lak nanti kita kena bagi diorang bonusss....tanah....datukship laaa...and we'll hear no end to it! Seme orang mesti nak claim credit! So, biarlah kita that we remain firmly on the ground! hahaha


Anonymous said...

he he..the last para is so true! I agree 110%! I do wonder how the Cinese trained that their mental strentgh is just so strong!


MrsNordin said...

Wah.. tak sangka you are into these live tournaments! I'm sure it was great watching the games live at the stadium.

It watched the tournaments on TV. I think the Indonesians were not that bad, only thing was, the Chinese had more stamina. That's why they could sustain even into the rubber sets.

I didn't watch that Datuk play. I guess, I didn't miss much, did I?

mumsie said...

Ja, I imagine they train at some remote place macam KungFu Panda tu..hehe..

mumsie said...

MrsN! yes, you didn't miss much at all!! The Datuk is a No.1 for nothing! Pressure sikit dah tak boleh tahan! Aparrah! (Mega disappointed, I nih..tu yang emo sikit tu! hehehe)