Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Its Late

and i can't seem to fall asleep. Something's bothering me but i'd rather not blog about that for fear that it'll make things worst...sigghhhh

i've been thinking about the police-shooting-the-15- year-old saga. My conclusion: salah newspaper - for reporting that the police shot a 15 year old "penjenayah/criminal". If they had stopped at describing him as a 15 year old boy, then maybe the family would not be as upset as they are now.

Ohhh...i don't know...why laaa the boy acted as he did...keluar te-tengah malam..bawak kereta without licence...boys will be boys??

Maybe the police did what they had to do under the circumstances. Maybe they should not have been too trigger happy, though. Whatever, i did not appreciate their Chief getting all defensive the next day, threatening to pull off his men from the streets! WHAT is that all about??

NEITHER can I appreciate the hungry lawyers swarming around the deceased's family macam shark dah 7 hari 7 malam tak makan! WHAT were they thinking when they organized that press conference by the boy's friend who was with him that night?? That's not fair play, if you ask me.

OOhhh...i don't know....what is the world coming to?

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Anonymous said...

i do wonder what it is that bothers you so much sampai susah nak tido tu. no hubby beside you ker? you know, i dah too biasa sleeping with my hubby that bila dia x de jer, selalu restless nak tido. why ar? but then again, kalau dia x de tu la masa i'm free to do what i want... hmmm... susah gak tu.

anyway, bout that boy tu .. mmg kes kesian la jugak. if i was the mother, for sure i would get all defensive lah. after all, he was only 15! i can imagine if it were my boy. tengok muka budak tu pun, muka baik sgt and mmg looked so young. susah nak percaya he could actually did it. heran jugak why he could just take his sis' car in the middle of the nite to go out. mesti dah biasa buat la tu. parents these days senang2 jer allow their kids to ride motorcycles or cars even when they are under age. kat my house ni mmg dah berleluasa budak2 kecik bawak motor. siap merempit lagi. sampai dah ada polis kejar dia orang. imagine polis kejar dgn kereta in this taman! takut tengok.

tu jer:)