Sunday, May 30, 2010


Yes, peeps. Mumsie was in Delhi, India last week. It was my second trip. the first being in 2008. Masa tu Abah came along and we went to Agra, and visited the Taj Mahal...and i blogged about that already...hehe

So, this time Abah dah tak mo ikut. So, Mumsie went on my own...attended the meetings and explored Delhi with fellow delegates. Delhi was HOT! Temperature wise, that is. Some days it reached 46 degrees! When you open the door, it was like opening an oven door! But that didn't stop us from venturing outlah! hehe..

Despite the heat, this time i find myself appreciating India more. Perhaps because of the DSLR. I found India to be even more colourful and full of "characters". On the afternoons and days we (as in me + a few other Malaysian delegates) were free, we hired a car to take us around. As most of us are women, the agenda is mainly shopping laa...hahaha...Shopping for what? For kain sari laaa...wwe went to this place called Sarojini Nagar Babu Market...kat situ tersangatlah banyak orang menjual kain saree and salwar kameez! Macam-macam colour and design..sampai mabuk kita memilih.

We also went to this place called the Nehru Place. More materials...but this place sell by the meters and cannot bargain. Ni macam Gulatis/Jakel lar...tapi Mumsie tak enjoy sangat kat sini coz tak leh bargain tu (tak enjoy, tapi beli tetap beli! hahaha!)

Makan pun OK. Tapi after 3 days of the same thing, jemulah pulak. Asyik-asyik tosai, idli,, the last 2 nites, we makan KFC, setelah di sahkan ke-halal-an ayam KFC di sana tu.

Best of all, Mumsie managed to take pictures. Like I said...the DSLR opened my eyes to the colours of India. Most pixes can be found in my FB. Mumsie thinking...nak bawak the girls to India, one day....

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ladymarko said...

Salam. Hey, you've spruced up your blog real nice. And great pics too! I pun ada cita2 nak pegi India just to take some cool pics but dunno when that will be cause hubby is not that keen... hmph!