Thursday, May 20, 2010

Masyarakat Penyayang

Eversince Abah started working in KL, Mumsie has taken over the job of sending the girls to school. Somewhat surprisingly, I enjoy it. On a good morning we'll be singing all the way to the schools...on a not-so good one, Mumsie will be lecturing them...about oh-so-many things...but mainly about being responsible coz selalunya yang bikin kacau pagi-pagi tu is any one of them looking for stuffs for tag lar...tie larr..homework lar...pantang betul Mumsie bila dah pagi tu baru nak carik!!

Anyhoo...Mumsie suka tengok parents lain when they drop off their kids. Most would hug and kiss the kids and some would even wait until the kids enter the school. I would wait until diorang hilang dari pandangan..

its so comforting to see many loving parents...physically loving, that is. Some dads, even. Apparently most men are no longer reserved. They hug and kiss their sons and sweet!!

I'm comforted...ramai orang buang anak...tapi lagi ramai orang yang sangat sayang anak-anak mereka...

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ladymarko said...

Good observation =)