Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This and that

Mumsie is in trouble. I am at the office and I am bored. Can't seem to concentrate on all. Can't seem to DO any work...AT ALL! Been spending A LOT of time blog hopping. Seronok gak baca kisah mak-mak yang dah start sibuk semula since school has resumed.

Mumsie pun happy gak sekolah dah start. And Alhamdulillah this first 3 days has been eezy peezy! We have Ika the maid who has taken over the job of waking the girls up and make sure they are dressed and fed before pergi sekolah. Mumsie cuma tengok-tengokkan and betul-betulkan rambut diorang je! Best! walaupun terlintas jugak kat kepala ni nak potong jer rambut mereka tu seme!

Pagi tadi Mumsie saksikan satu adengan yang amat mengharukan hati Mumsie. Sarah was getting dressed for school alllllll by herself!! And I teringat the last 3 years, particularly last year!
I realised...since Monday Sarah has not thrown any tantrums...not cried ...and not insist on Abah dressing her up!! Anak Mumsie dah besar!! aaawwwww....

eh! punch machine dah bunyik! i promised Kak Ngah I'll pick her up from sekolah agama. nanti sambung K

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