Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Summer days

Living in a country with 4 seasons, people like us yang ramai anak ni thrives on sunny summer days...days when the kids can run amok in the fields and playgrounds...swim in the pools and lakes...but truth be told, i'm more of a winter person..nothing beats dark days spent in bed, under a thick duvet with a good book or a good company..ehem...steaming mug of hot coffee..hmmm..but i digress...

As with last summers, there was a fair share of picnics and BBQs this year...at least the kids, big (the daddies) and small (the actual kids) had loads of fun being together..mummies, seperti biasa, spent most of the time preparing the food, serving the food and cleaning after, made bearable by the gossips and shared dreams of owning more branded shoes and handbags in between!

In all probability, this will be our last summer in Geneva...am so gonna miss the amazing views of the lake! Managed to capture them with our oh-so-canggih-sony cybershot!

Sight for sore eyes, you reckon?

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Harteeny said...

new camera! yea, so proud of you.
after all these years, that camera which I have to pinjam (what a deng-dong was i, travel without camera last year! SHeeSH!)

like mum, she too owns a cybershot now. but of course, bapak is always the user. hehe...