Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Arrest the Mom!!

That's what Kak Ngah said when I told her and the others that the girl found dead near Geneva was initally abducted after going back on her own to the pool to fetch some things she left behind. Her mom let her go on her own although she was only 5 years old! So, my girls agreed that its the mom's fault and to a very large extent, I agree too! But then again, the mom was supposedly waiting for her right outside the pool area so, i suppose this is a case of malang-tak-berbau...In all fairness, the mom must be suffering inside out at the moment, surely wishing that she had never let the daughter out of her sight at all...

Am also, to a great extent, in agreement with our Chief Police when he said that parents must be blamed when their kids run away from home. Back when I was on the bench ( if I was an actual judge!) I use to tell the police to remand the parents as well for cases when their daughters run away with the boyfriends and ended up raped! I think it should be an arrestable offence, at least, for not preventing your daughters, especially when they are below 16 from having boyfriends in the first place and from going out without you after maghrib!

I don't know...I don't profess to be a great mummy but I believe I would know if my girls are unhappy, especially if they are unhappy enough to leave home without me knowing! Then again, kids different from when I was a kid!

Am also sad to read that the girl found in the sports bag yesterday has not been identified...where are her parents? Aren't they reading newspapers or watching the news??

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