Friday, August 17, 2007

Bon Vacance!! is my last day at work...for the next 2 weeks jer laaa...gotcha!!

Am sooooo looking forward to this 2 week break that I am sooooo entitled to!! but loads to do..starting with sending Wan home. Wan is leaving for good this Sunday. Believe it or not, I am actually quite worried...will she be okey? will she miss soraya too much? will she irritate everyone at home by talking about soraya allll the time? hmmm...insya ALLAH, everything must surely turn out

Back to my holiday plans...lepas hantar Wan, we need to kemas rumah and then off we'll go!! Rencana nya nak ke The Hague/Amsterdam/Rotterdam/Brussels/Antwerp/Brugge/Luxemberg. Harap2 we can cover all these places...kalau tidak, bila lagi?
Selain to get out of Geneva, I hope the trip will help Soraya mend her surely-will-be broken heart after Wan leaves. I shudder to think what she will go through in the first few weeks. Will we be able to comfort her enough??

OK folks..this is getting a bit depressing when I meant to celebrate the beginning of my summer (fi-na-lly!!)....i'll sign off now and look forward to coming back with stories of our holiday...yay?? See you in 2 revoir!


Harteeny said...

Mummy, i heard you're back! post some pics. although i still can bukak all the pics you've posted here. nway, talked to WanNgah today. she's at my house, ada Kenduri arwah. ah, miss the family bonding!

mumsie said...

ok...mumsie has written all about our last trip! I didn't write about the sesat bits coz this time tak chronic sangat. hehe...
i miss the family bondings too!! although not all that much :-)