Thursday, August 16, 2007

Are we leaving..are we not?

Was asked to make a call this be told, yet again...abah's waiting may be over sooner rather than later...didn't want to tell him about it but me being me, I couldn't help it. He seemed cool enough..not all that upset with the still uncertain news...Me? Am quite excited at the prospect of going back to the place where I can afford pampering myself once again...with visits to hairdressers, tailors...and hopefully one or two spas that has mushroomed (betul ker use of this word here??) of late ... that is all i'm allowing myself to think of since the phone call this morning...i don't want to spoil things for Abah by thinking of other "consequences"...the isteri solehah that I am..ehem...
So folks (am probably still talking to myself since only Teeny and Arm knows about this blog and they haven't spent time on it..nak merajuk lah ni....), are we leaving Geneva..are we not?

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Harteeny said...

semalam penat sangat after work. takde internet kat workplace. so kalau balik, ada masa, barulah... so; jgn merajuk! :P

balik malaysia ke tak ni? OK, OK, i think kena start commit to simpan for spring next year! hehe.