Thursday, December 2, 2010

Diary Ankara

Mumsie is in Turkey. For the first time. and my first impression....NOT GOOD!

My first stop is Ankara. Am here for a 3-day meeting. I find orang Turki sombong-sombong. They don't smile much and they are not interested in listening to you. Am generalising, of course but this is the impression given by 90% of the Turks that I've met.

Food...its all meat...meat...and more meat. Eaten with bread...bread and more bread! and apparently they drink a lot of tea. I tried it. Its VERY strong tea drank in a small glass. I've yet to try Turkish coffee. I hear its equally strong.

Ankara is not all that pretty either. no real character. Apparently banyak shopping malls kat sini. Ada 14 of them katanya. I went to one when we first arrive. I like it sebab banyak kedai jual peralatan dapur...pretty things for the kitchen but i didn't buy anything. Nanti berat beg!

To be fair, i enjoyed the visit to Ataturk's meusoleum. and i do like the weather. Its not that cold and its sunny.

So, i'm looking forward to Istanbul. Will be there for a day and a night before flying to Delhi...again!


KG said...

hi mumsie!

Nin said...

Mana posting and pics pasal Istanbul nye?? =)