Thursday, March 20, 2008

Serenity Spa

Ahhhh...Abah and Mumsie spent 2 glorious hours at this place this afternoon!! I was so messed up by the end of yesterday's working day (looonnngggg wouldn't want to know but it entails me missing a trip to Bangkok!) that I decided that I would bergolok bergadai and pamper myself at a spa! Abah decided to join me so I had to look for a place that would "do" men as well...

I spent the morning flicking through papers and magazines and finally found Serenity Concord Hotel Shah Alam. Abah and I are a couple of hundreds poorer ( we signed up for 10 packages!!) but today we were pampered indeed! It started with a herbal steam bath..followed by full body massage ( poor masseuse was burping away when she urut me and remarked that I am one stressed woman!) followed by whole body lulur and a dip in the tub filled with more herbs !

Must tell you what she (the lady who took care of me) did after she put the lulur stuff...she wrapped me with cloth like we would "bengkung" a baby (although I suspect it was more like a pocong!) and told me to relax and take a nap. She covered my eyes with a small towel and more towels on my body to keep me warm. And nap, I did! I was woken up by my own snore!!!! Syiok babe..wa cakap sama lu!!

Abah had similar treatment, but his was a body scrub so no napping time! hehe!

After all that, we went to the Coffee House a.k.a the Melting Pot of Concord Hotels and had teh tarik and sandwiches. Know how much the teh tarik cost? RM 14.50 each!! Do I care? Not particularly...not today, at least!
Can't wait for the next treat!


ina said...

hah mumsie besnya!

fahitah said...!

u know wat...i kan few weeks ago baru go thru serenity spa's website looking for the most available (i mean yg ok la) spa packages..hahaa..there u go..u gi dulu...cant wait to join u nanti..!