Sunday, December 23, 2007

What have we been up to?

Quite a bit, actually.

First there was Hari Raya Haji - it was allllll about food! I spent it makan, tido, makan, tido..literally! In that order!!! I used it to really "catch up" with my favourite raya dishes...ketupat with sambal udang and satay goreng...and best of all...lemang!! Authentic ones from Alor Gajah (and today we had some from Negeri 9 - courtesy of Kak Sham)...damn syok!

Then there was the Raya movies...i must tell about the particular one shown by TV3 on the eve of Raya - called Janji Seorang Anak...about this mom who loved her firstborn too much but the son lied to her all the time. It started with 6 people in the family - the mom(Fauziah Nawi - who else!), the dad (excellent acting by Abu Bakar Juah as a cacat kinda guy, maybe because of a stroke), the Grandma, the 2 sons and a daughter. By the time the movie ended, everybody had died, except for the daughter! Let me tell you about the ending...the first son stole from the mom and kicked her on his way out. She was shocked to death, then he fell ill and eventually died. But when he died...there was the scene where ulat came out from his mouth and every pores of his body!! Then his keranda (or rather, his body) was soooo heavy that it punctured the tyres of the van that was carrying it to the grave. They had to get a tractor to pull it! Then, when the body was in the grave, they had to put a lot of earth coz the grave just won't cover up!

Moral of the story, of course, was jangan jadi anak derhaka...The ending was quite extreme, I thought...very Mastika-like...but it succeded in getting to me. Am promising myself to be nicer to my mom....Hope my girls would be nicer to me too!!! and the girls plus their MakSu went to the movies kat Midvalley Megamall. Wanted to watch Alvin and the Chipmunk but it was sold out. So we ended up watching the latest Ben Stiller - The Heartbreak Kid. Ni first time I watch movie since we've been back but its the 4th time for the girls!! They've been to see Enchanted, The Golden Compass and Nana Tanjung 2! Ye laaa...while the aunts and uncles still rajin nak melayan....

Oh yes...yesterday was fun too. We went to Kak Tam's house. There was a celebration for December babies, i.e Kak Ngah, Soraya, and their cousins - Shafrina and Shaliza. Although I think it was supposedly mainly to celebrate our cousins' - Kak Long and Abg Long's wedding anniversary...There was the usual crowd of cousins but no aunts and uncles this time. We are also planning a big family day this coming Chinese New Year holidays. Complete with telematch and Karaoke competition!! Can't wait!

After the party we dropped by MakCik Dalia's house. She is Abah's aunt twice or three times removed...she and her daughter, Ani used to care for Fatin and Farah when they were babies. The girls call them Mak and Umi respectively. We try as much as possible to be in touch with them coz I feel that we banyak terhutang budi with them. They took care of Kak Long and Kak Ngah like their own. So, the visit yesterday was spent reminiscing on those good old days...will later post a picture of them...Kak Long is now taller than her Umi!

OK folks...suffice to say...Mumsie is slowly settling down..Geneva seems so far away.....

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inatheGREAT said...

mumsie, die sepatutnya jauh di mata dekat di hati. (chey chey cheeyy)