Thursday, December 6, 2007


Soraya a.k.a Baby Ya a.k.a Princess a.k.a Adik is 4 today...and the cutest 4-year old anyone can wish for!! hehehe..biasala..mak-mak mesti bias nye!

Gambar will have to be posted another time...but let me tell you, Soraya has always been the "easiest" terms of the taking care of and in terms of mengamuk-mengamuk business and not demanding at all (except when she needs her MILO!!) dari lahir until today! Born pun in a government hospital, as opposed to private hospitals like her elder sisters!

Alhamdulillah for her..and Mumsie's hope and doa that she will always be this cute and baik hati...Everyone who has met her has fallen in love with her and i can't blame them. I cannot say too much coz nanti you say i perasan too much but you'll understand if you know her...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet baby..don't grow too fast!


ina bEs said...

happy belated my baby ya :) dia mmg sangat sangat sangaaaaat cute! nak marah pon tak boleh pasal cute melampau. aaah. rindu :(

Zulaikha said...

betul lah soraya senang jer jage..tapi asyik kena dukung dia, nasib baik ade troli jusco.. mase duduk kat troli tu kena statik..uhh that electric shock thing. kena ika dulu, pastu pegang dia, dia ckp "you're electric!". haha. byk sgt crita dia.